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NHYFSC 2023 Tackle Football



Welcome to the Keene Knights Youth Football and Spirit Registration with the New Hampshire Youth Football & Spirit Conference!!

NHYFSC Commissioners Statement

You and your child (son/daughter/ward) are making a commitment to learn a sport that will demand time, hard work and sacrifices. We believe that it will be a meaningful and rewarding experience in our football and cheerleading programs.


The NHYFSC has over 4,000 participants. The Conference stresses that conditioning and safety are paramount. Nevertheless, you should be aware that in spite of all reasonable precautions, injuries could happen. Football & Cheerleading is a collision/contact sport, and even the best equipment will not always prevent an injury due to the many random factors involved in contact. Football teams are offered as a grade based / age-protected division. Cheerleading squads are offered in age appropriate and ability levels. Each association selects their coaching staffs.


Football/Cheerleading is not an excuse to put schoolwork aside! The NHYFSC prides itself in the scholastic rankings achieved by its member associations. Football/Cheerleading will complement the learning experience but never replace it. As a condition of membership, all persons associated with the NHYFSC and its member associations agree to follow all National Affiliation, NHYFSC, and local rules and regulations.


The NHYFSC has a commitment to provide a positive environment for the youth participating in our program. It is necessary that parents, fans, others. understand that negative and unsportsmanlike behavior impacts the positive environment. Therefore, the NHYFSC expects the parents, fans, and others to refrain from that type of behavior, and comply with any and all requests made by local and/or state officials while attending any Event.


Have a great year,
Robert Schiavoni,
NHYFSC Commissioner


About Our Program

Thank you so much for your interest in youth tackle football for the Monadnock region!  We welcome youth athletes from all over the Monadnock region - if your area doesn't provide a tackle football program, please reach out!     

Our youth football program (8U - 11U) is chartered with the NHYFSC, through AYF.  You can find information about the AYF League here

Our Middle School program is chartered through Granite State Football League.  You can find information about the GSFL here!

Our goal at the Keene Knights is to introduce and teach the game of football, as well as cheerleading!  We consider ourselves a feeder program for both Monadnock Regional High School as well as Keene High School.  We work hand in hand with these programs to be sure we are teaching their playbook, their cadence, their terminology.  We want our players ready when they get to the next level!

What will my athlete gain while playing in this program?
- Each season, it is our goal to provide great coaching which in turn develops the skills, knowledge, and abilities of all of our athletes.  
- Not only does the game of tackle football provide great exercise and discipline, it also encourages team work, friendships, and respect.  
- Players learn to work together to achieve a common goal - encouraging each other, having fun, in a safe environment.

Hitting and tackling makes me nervous - any advice?
- Yes.  Our coaches are required to take training courses each year before they take the field as a coach.  The required courses ensure that our coaches are teaching safe techniques for hitting/tackling, as well as knowing the signs of a concussion.  We take the safety of our players very seriously.  

Youth Football Details:
With our 8U through 11U teams, there are MPR's for this program - minimum play requirements.  The NHYFSC provides these requirements, and they are based on the number of players on your roster.  Each game, we will look to have (2) parent volunteers to help track MPR's.  We will also look for (3) volunteers at HOME games for chains.

Middle School Football Program:
Our Middle School Football Program includes athletes in grades 6-8 that reside within the SAU29 school district.  While we would love to include all athletes in the Monadnock region - we encourage athletes to play for their schools, if a program is available.   

The time commitment for tackle football is as follows:

  • Season begins 7/31/23.
  • Each player needs a full 10 hours of conditioning before full contact is allowed.
  • The practice schedule for the first month is typically 4 days per week, 5:30-7:30/8:00pm
  • Once school begins, the practice schedule typically reduces to 3 days per week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5:30-7:30pm (this could vary slightly)
  • We will have 8 games scheduled beginning in September. This league does have playoffs leading to a State Championship game. There is may be a Regional Tournament depending on the level.

What does each player receive for their player fee?

  • Pads, Helmet, Practice Jersey, Game Jersey (all of which are returned at the end of the season)

What does the player need to provide?

  • Cleats, Black Game/Practice Pants (integrated are much easier!), Mouth Guard

Is there anything that is NOT allowed?

  • Tinted Face Shields are NOT allowed.


Please direct questions to our league President at, or message our Facebook page.  Thank you!!